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Part Analyzer Beta Program

Test and provide feedback on our software and receive 50% off the annual subscription!

Part Analyzer is an easy to use platform that gives you quick estimates for part costs and timings. As a platform, it triggers simulations that run based purely on part geometry files and materials.

In this beta release four simulations are provided:

  • Standard Stock Machining: find the best stock shape for your part, produce a rough machining plan (with detailed steps on orientations, roughing, peripheral, and finishing, etc), and get estimate for the time and cost.
  • Part Divider: When is it better to make a metal part from one piece of stock or multiple pieces? This optimization fits stock-sizes to portions of your designed shape while including details on joining costs. Compare and constrast a dozen plans to find new ways to make your parts better, cheaper and quicker.
  • Closed Die-Forging Shape Estimator: A quick simulation finds the best orientation for creating your part from a closed-die forged blank. An approximation of the forged shape will inform your design team on how changes may be made to fit the part's form to its demanding function.
  • Hybrid Substrate Optimization: Metal 3D printing is becoming a viable option in certain situations. In this optimization, we will find where best place the base plate to minimize both additive and subtractive processes.

These simulations might not be perfect for your needs but our goal is to leverage our strengths in manufacturing, computational geometry, and numerical optimization to make custom simulations for your challenges.

Test the beta and dream up ways that such simulations may change how your company goes from art to part!

How to Participate:

  1. Complete the Beta License Agreement by entering your email, name, and acceptance at the bottom of the agreement.
  2. Check your email for an access code .
  3. Downloaded the software for free from the Microsoft Store . Enter the
    access code after clicking the blue box labeled "Redeem a Code".
  4. Visit our discussion forum to ask questions and learn more.
  5. Fill in our survey!