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Medema Labs was started in 2019 as an extension of graduate research performed at Oregon State University. We are currently developing a suite of products to help merge state of the art optimization techniques with design for manufacturing and assembly.

  • 2009-2018

    Academic Research

    For a period of nine years, the founders worked in academia on federally funded projects leading to the work encapsulated in the Medema Labs tools. This work was done at University of Texas and at Oregon State University.

  • April 2019

    Medema Labs begins.

    Since April 2019, the founders began exploring what commercial viability existed in spinning-out the research as a engineering software company.

  • May to November 2019

    Product Development for Part-Advisor and Assembly-Planner

    The research projects are situated with modern UI environments in order to provide the most use to customers.

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    We are looking for hard-working resourceful computer programmers with understanding of computational geometry, AI, and .NET programming. Enquire about joining our team.

Who we are...

The foundation of Medema Labs is currently being defined by its two founders: Drs. Matt Campbell and Brandon Massoni. They have a combined twenty-five years of experience in the space between mathematical programming and mechanical design and manufacturing. As such, they are uniquely positioned to introduced advanced artificial intelligence and computational graphics algorithms to the mechanical design industry.

Matt Campbell

CEO, Founder

Brandon Massoni

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

We are looking to talented AI specialists, UX experts, .NET programmers, and beta-testers. Contact us via the form below to join our exciting team.

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