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More than just Product Cost Management

A common challenge in designing new products is finding the best way to manufacture. Medema Labs is here to help. We meld manufacturing know-how and computational advances into desktop applications situated between CAD and CAM. Our tools will tell you:

  • The best way to make a single part
  • Whether a single part should be divided into multiple
  • Whether parts should be combined
  • How to best assemble parts into your product
  • Whether additive should be pursued over subtractive

Join our beta-testers and try out Medema Part Analyzer for your industry.

...what type of simulations are currently in the works

assembly planner image

Assembly Planner

plans the best way to assemble a collection of CAD parts

closed die forging image

Closed Die Forging

estimate forging volume in seconds to improve cost predictions

parts consolidator image

Parts Consolidator

leverages additive manufacturing to determine what combination of parts can best be created as a single part

part divider image

Part Divider

optimizes ways to divide a single part into multiple for reducing time and cost of high-value parts

part simplifier image

Parts Simplifier

a tradeoff time and cost for added mass

single part manufacturing image

Single Part Manufacturing

determine the best stock for a given part

What are the inputs and outputs?

Simply export your part or parts from CAD, tell PartAnalyzer about the material and quantity

The simulations will calculate the time and cost for your product. This includes:

  • a detailed gantt chart of steps
  • a pie chart of costs
  • the shapes and sizes of inputs stocks as well as shape details on intermediate steps
  • mulitple ways to make the part - including ways to simplify the part to further reduce cost

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